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B.A.P - 'SKYDIVE' review

B.A.P - 'SKYDIVE' review

Come with me as we look and explore the depth of B.A.P's new release 'SKYDIVE'!


    Hello lovelies!! I am back to bring you another Kpop MV review! I really hope you enjoyed the first review that I wrote, and you continue to follow me for other reviews that I will be posting as new MV’s release. Today’s review is going to be about the extremely handsome group of B.A.P! How can you say you don’t agree with me? I have stuck with these amazing men since they debuted as well and just watching them change and grow as a group especially through the tough year of not being able to release anything for their fans, has been absolutely breathe taking. Anyways, I am going to be talking about B.A.P’s newest release titled ‘SKYDIVE.’ If you haven’t watched the MV yet and you are reading this, you should definitely go and watch it! For those of you who have, you will understand everything I’m about to cover in this review as we all freak out together!


  So to start, I’m sure as we all noticed, before we even start the MV, we see that it’s listed as 10 minutes long! Wowza! I must say I’m not complaining at all. I love having a longer MV when there is a story to be told, with a song to enjoy alongside it. Now as the video begins, we see our handsome artists walking down what appears to be a street in the middle of the night. The sounds of guns clicking as they approach their destination. Immediately as the Himchan takes the first shot at the dude standing in front of him, my mind immediately makes me think back to ‘One Shot.’ Obviously it’s not the same, but it made me think about it. I also notice that Daehyun doesn’t seem too keen about everything that’s taking place.


  Next we see Daehyun spending time with a beautiful woman, who ends up getting up from her seat. While waiting for her return, Daehyun gets up for a moment as well, and returns to find an envelope where he was seated. Unfortunately, this is where the video begins to take a turn into the “major feels” zone. The story continues as Daehyun begins to struggle with the fact that the woman (let’s guess a girlfriend maybe??) had been napped. What confused me, was how quickly Daehyun received another envelope. He just leaves the place he was in just to have a stranger walk up behind him, place the gun to his head and reveal another envelope…with another set of unsettling images. Shaking and completely distraught, Daehyun begins to pound the ground, and scream into the skies. The video continues, I am trying to piece together what is going on, other then what happened to Daehyun. You see Daehyun and Himchan in a car, and Daehyun ends up going up to the window of another car, shooting the driver inside. Are they basically a gang? Definitely still thinking about ‘One Shot’ but loving this ten times more!



  Still upset over the pictures, we see our poor Daehyun drinking bottles away as you can see the frustration continues to fall over his face. Almost getting into a fight, Himchan stops him. Next, we see him awaking to another photo, only this time in his hands and it’s definitely not the pretty picture he needed to see. He runs into the bar, looking around, wondering who could be behind this horrible ordeal! I am crying at this point in the MV, I won’t lie. This music video definitely hits you in the feels and makes you really pay attention to the roles the members are playing, as well as the story the video is telling.


  Another paper is placed before our little assassins. Daehyun takes the paper into the bathroom, and like the other picture and paper before that, he placed it under water to read the message on the other side. Definitely an interesting way to hide a message isn’t it??


  Daehyun follows Himchan, only to be found, and having his weapon taken. I thought just like in ‘One Shot’ there is a possibility of a traitor being in the group I though after that, maybe it was Himchan? Not sure. You continue to watch and Daehyun gets hit once more only this time, a message sent direction to his found. We watch as he breaks, falling to his knees, as he throws the garbage bags out of the way…only to find the woman he loved, dead. That really made me cry! I felt so bad I just wanted to reach through the screen and just give him the biggest hug I could!


  Next we see our men walking into a warehouse, guns loaded and drawn. What caught my attention here, everyone in the group has their guns drawn and ready to fire…except Jongup? He has his hands up in surrender? That was a little odd to me to be honest. Daehyun comes running in just as the fun begins. An all-out shooting match begins with what I am guessing is SWAT. Beautiful Black and White theme for this scene really fits the drama that’s taking place. The members are going all out, shooting who they can, and unfortunately finding themselves shot in the process. I was so distraught! Then I saw Jongup get up! What?! Watching this, you had to have the same, or close to reaction as me. I was losing it when he walked over to Daehyun. I thought he was going to help him…until he placed the gun into Daehyun’s neck…and well, you know the rest.



  What really gets me is that after Jongup takes the final breath away from Daehyun, he gets back up, and as he’s walking away, he’s removing a shirt that reveals a bullet vest! I couldn’t understand except for, as I kept bringing up, I just thought back to ‘One Shot’ and how in the MV, all the member was a part of a gang, and all of them were true to the end in the group except for Youngjae who was a spy for the police forces. Maybe this is kinda what Jongup was? Under cover for another group? The police? They didn’t have a rewind like ‘One Shot’ did to explain something like that. They want to keep you on your toes and guessing!


  Now that I have completely gave you the ins and outs of the MV, I want to give you another look at the video. The choreography was done beautifully (as it always has been), how they switch between these black and white scenes, to full color was amazing. I believe it helped with the drama of what was going on. The way some of the members acted really kept me guessing until the end. I wouldn’t have been able to start watching the MV at the beginning and knew for a fact who was hurting Daehyun. The fashion for the video also fits the theme as well and I think it suits the members just as much. The entire song is just as great as the video they placed it with. I know that sounds kind of like a slim explanation about the video itself, but I am honestly still speechless over this release. They did an absolutely amazing job. I am definitely proud to be a part of the BABYZ family!!

Thank you for reading another review!! I definitely hope to keep up with more of these in the future, and please keep a look out for me (DJ AngelHope) as I will be making my return to broadcasting right here on K-PopFYI! <3