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A look into BTS Blood, Sweat, & Tears

A look into BTS Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Take a look into the meaning behind BTS's new Blood, Sweat & Tears mv release!

    Wow, where to even begin. As a fellow ARMY myself, I must say it has been amazing watching the transformation our boys have made from ‘No More Dream’ to their new release ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears.’ I am absolutely IN LOVE with this title track, and I’m sure like most ARMY’s out there, have watched the MV repeatedly without end. 

    I’m not sure if most of you know, but this MV is not only sexy, appealing, and holds a different sound for our boys, but it also holds some meaning. The concept of the mv is supposed to reference the book Demian. It’s a German book about a coming of age tale about a boy named Emil Sinclair. In the book, he is raised in a middle class home, and with the help of a classmate “Max Demian”, Emil rebels from the world he knows and falls into a world of Illusions and reaches a Catharis. Continuing in the book, not only does he embrace the light, but he also embraces the darkness he finds in himself, which leads to the end of his youth. 

   With that little bit about what the mv is symbolizing, I think it would also be best if you were given a glimpse at who each of our handsome members are trying to represent in the mv as well. All of the members except for Taehyung are supposed to be in Jin’s conscious, and each of them hold expressions of turmoil, chaos, and the transformations inside of Jin. With that, I’m sure you have figured out that this means our beautiful Jin is Eli Sinclair. As I mentioned, everyone except for Tae is supposed to be a part of Jin’s conscious, but that’s only because he plays the role of Max Demian. With the other members, Suga is Jin’s contemplating conscious, Jungkook plays his hesitating conscious, our RapMonster is the symbol of conscious transformation within Jin. You see him drinking from a glass with some green liquid inside of it. That is supposed to symbolize the transformation that Jin’s character is going through.  


     J-Hope’s role is to reveal the struggle within Jin’s conscious, and the water he is sitting in later on is the symbol of purity strength while the bow in his hands shows strength. Lastly, Jimin is the fighting conscious. Now that you know who the members represent in this eye catching mv, let me also explain, Taehyung’s role of Max is that of a fallen angel who awakens Jin’s subconscious (which you could say that’s when in the video Tae places his hands over Jin’s eyes and then removed them where a statue stood before him). He is the symbol of temptation. 


     Now that you know what the meaning of the mv is, and what roles each members plays, let me continue with where the mv takes place. The location of the mv is supposed to be within Jin’s mind. There is also other symbolism’s from the mv that also reference to the book and the story of it, such as the painting you see Jin staring at, at the beginning of the video. 


    When you see Jungkook laying down from a swing, you could see the swing as a symbol of Emil (Jin’s) childhood and the sucker he eventually places in his mouth, is a symbol of the temptation. Another symbol you could see, is Jimin is the role of the fighting taking place within the subconscious of Jin’s mind, and later in the mv you see him fighting to break free from the blindfold that had been tied to the door behind him. 


    At the beginning of the video, you see a distraught Jin staring deeply into a mirror as a beautiful flower catches his eye. If you look closely, there are two flowers there. There is a beautiful what looks like white Lily on one side, and then if you look on the other side of the mirror, there is a weird looking red flower. That is another way for you to see the symbolism of light and dark, good and evil (whichever way you want to look at it) because the the opposite side of the mirror when he shows the cracking in his face is to show you the inner darkness inside. 

    Before I finish up with this deep look into BTS’s ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears,’ I wanted to tell you a little more about Emil (Jin), and Demian (Taehyung). Jin represents Emil as a young and innocent child who ends up coming into contact with this darker side. Taehyung plays Demian, the one who helps Emil see the darkness inside himself, and helps bring it out of him. Later in the mv, do you remember the sudden change of music as the scene sets to just Jin and Taehyung? That music is the coming of Demian. Looking at that long cloth rushing over our Taehyung as he lays beneath it, until it is finally pulled fully from his body when he finally reveals himself, you could look at that as a form of showing Demain’s negativity and darkness being released. Now I had to double look this over, but the statue that Jin kisses (yes I’m sure we all fangirl/fanboyed over it as much as the next ARMY did!) but that statue is of Demian himself! That kiss upon the statue’s lips is to show you Jin’s surrender to the temptations of the darkness. 


    As I finally come to a close with my MV review, and description of ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ please let me say, BTS did an AMAZING job at interpreting the story of Emil and Demian. For those who know the story, you can immediately point out different things from the mv and see the story the boys are trying to tell through their MV. For those who don't know the story, this can at least give you a little bit of an idea about the story and the meaning behind the MV. This is also another example of what an amazing group BTS has become.  As a fangirl who biases BTS as their favorite group, I have to say, I absolutely loved watching the choreography, the adorable smiles, sexy lip biting here and there, and just how into the roles the guys truly are! Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply impressed with how well they told the story of Demian, but I am also still fangirling from the mv, and the rest of the album itself since release! Haha. 

    Well, I hope you have all enjoyed reading my review / deep look into the meaning behind BTS's new MV release of 'Blood, Sweat & Tears.' If you have any comments, questions, or just want to talk about what you thought of the MV, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!